​Kerry Skowronsky

Kerry Skowronsky is the Certified Pet Massage Therapist here at Alpha-Dog Pet Center. She is the Owner/Operator of Equiflexion Small Animal & Horse Massage, which operates as the massage therapy contractor INSIDE of Alpha-Dog Pet Center, here in Amherst. Kerry has been performing Therapeutic Massage on animals since 2007. Kerry attended The Ohio State University, having graduated in 1998 with a degree in Equine Science. Kerry owns nine horses, one of which is a competitive race horse. She had been doing “rub downs” on her own horses for many years, but in 2007 went back to school and completed her certification in Equine (horse) Massage. Being an avid dog-lover and proud owner of several dogs, she decided to expand her knowledge base into Massage Therapy for dogs and cats, as well. In 2014, she completed her certification in Small Animal (canine & feline) Massage. In her free time, she enjoys riding her horses (she has 9 of them) and spending time at the race track with her Thoroughbred race horse. She also spends quality time with her two German Shepherd Dogs, as well as several cats. She looks forward to working with your pet, and talking with you about the many benefits of Canine Massage Therapy.