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Pet Massage Therapy

Pet Massage Therapy

We are co-located with Equiflexion Small Animal and Horse Massage, which offers comprehensive Pet Massage Therapy for dogs and cats, right HERE at Alpha-Dog. Therapeutic Pet Massage is great for dogs or cats with chronic pain, injuries, or for general wellness and relaxation.

Some of the benefits of Pet Massage Therapy for dogs and cats can include:

  • Reduces Pain, Stress, Swelling
  • Increases Circulation
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Aids in Relaxation
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Increases Flexibility, Range of Motion
  • Loosens and Softens Scar Tissue
  • Increases Waste and Toxin Removal
  • Maintains Good Posture & Body Balance
  • Prevents Atrophy in Inactive Muscles

  • Equiflexion's certified Pet Massage Therapist, Kerry, can be reached at (330) 472-8126 or at, for more information or to schedule an appointment.