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Dog Choking

National Pet Choking Prevention Day: Learn Pet First Aid and CPR to Be a Lifesaver for Your Furry Friends!

June 20, 20243 min read

National Pet Choking Prevention Day: Learn Pet First Aid and CPR to Be a Lifesaver for Your Furry Friends!

As a devoted pet parent, your pet's safety is always a top priority. That's why National Pet Choking Prevention Day is the perfect occasion to focus on one of the most crucial skills you could acquire: pet first aid and CPR. It’s not just about giving them hugs and treats; it’s also about being prepared to act quickly in case of an emergency.

Why Learning Pet First Aid and CPR is Essential

When a pet starts choking or needs immediate medical attention, every second counts. Just like humans, pets can choke on food, toys, or small objects that they curiously pick up with their mouths. Knowing what to do in these critical moments can mean the difference between life and death.

Learning how to perform pet CPR and administer first aid can:

  • Save your pet's life: Immediate response can stabilize your pet until you can get to a veterinarian.

  • Prevent further injury: Proper first aid techniques ensure you’re not inadvertently causing more harm while trying to help.

  • Boost your confidence: Being equipped with the knowledge and skills will make you feel more confident in taking care of your pet.

How to Observe National Pet Choking Prevention Day

Educate Yourself and Others

Take some time to learn about common choking hazards for pets and share this knowledge with other pet owners. Remember, not all pets chew their food thoroughly, and some are curious enough to eat things they shouldn't.

Enroll in a Pet First Aid and CPR Course

Many online and physical courses are available to teach you the essentials of pet first aid and CPR. Look for certified courses that offer practical training, for example, Alpha Dog Pet Center offers a PetSaver First-Aid & CPR Training 8-hour class that teaches CPR techniques, first aid skills, dental care, senior care, and health & wellness information for dogs and cats.

Prepare a Pet First Aid Kit

Just like you have a first aid kit for your family, create one for your pets. Include items such as gauze, non-stick bandages, adhesive tape, scissors, disposable gloves, an oral syringe, a towel, and a muzzle if necessary.

Practice Regularly

Like any skill, the proper execution of pet first aid and CPR requires practice. Regularly review your techniques so you’ll be ready when it counts.

What to Do If Your Pet Is Choking

  1. Stay Calm: Your pet can sense your anxiety which may increase their stress levels.

  2. Check Their Mouth: Gently open your pet's mouth and look for any visible objects. If you see an object, try to remove it without pushing it further down the throat.

  3. Use the Heimlich Maneuver: If you cannot remove the object easily and your pet can't breathe, use the Heimlich Maneuver for pets.

  4. Seek Veterinary Care: Even if you successfully clear the object, have your pet checked by a vet to rule out any internal injuries.

Remember, prevention is key! Keep small objects and harmful foods out of reach and keep a watchful eye on your playful pals.

In Conclusion

National Pet Chopping Prevention Day serves as a gentle reminder that our pets rely on us for their well-being and safety. By learning pet first aid and CPR, we become their heroes during times of crisis. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you decide to act. Embrace this day as a starting point to become a better protector and friend to your beloved pet.

Let's commit to creating a safer environment for our pets – after all, they're part of the family!

Interested in the PetSaver First-Aid & CPR Training Course? Check it out here, and hurry! Spots fill up fast.

national pet choking prevention daypet first aidpet CPRdog CPRcat CPR
blog author image

Chip Ingersoll, M.Ed., APDT – Owner, Alpha-Dog Pet Center

Chip Ingersoll is the founder of Alpha-Dog Pet Center, located in Amherst, Ohio, and has been working with dogs professionally since 2013. He offers various programs for obedience training and pet therapy, and also for dogs with behavior problems. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (B.S.Ed.) from Kent State University in 2000, his Master’s Degree in Education Leadership (M.Ed.) in 2006 from Trident University, and his Certification as a Professional Dog Trainer from K9-University in 2015. He is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and completed an advanced certification as a Canine Behavior Specialist, also through K9-University, in 2016. In addition to Obedience Training and Behavior Consultations, Chip is also a certified instructor for PetTech’s “PetSaver: First-Aid, CPR, & Care” program, in which he provides Pet CPR & First-Aid training to pet parents, first-responder agencies, and pet care professionals. He is also a Therapy Dog Trainer/Evaluator for The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. Visit the Alpha-Dog Pet Center website at https://www.alphadogpets.com/ or find them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AlphaDogPets/) for more information.

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