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If you and your family have decided to get a new dog, selecting one from the local shelter is an excellent way to find the right dog for you.  There are however a few things that you should be aware of and watch out for when selecting that pound puppy. Whether you are looking for a dog at the local shelter, or from a local rescue organization, you may find puppies as well as adult dogs.  When selecting a puppy, there are a few things you should watch out for.

All over the country, families are expanding their numbers of “four-legged fur-kids” at a growing rate! We are constantly getting questions about how to introduce a new puppy (or older dog) into a home with other existing dogs. Introducing a new dog into your home can be potentially disastrous. Dogs are very territorial animals.  Even if your dog is normally sweet and docile, precautions should be taken. Before I take a new dog to my home with an existing dog, the new dog must go to my vet for a thorough check-up. I want to make sure that I am not bringing in fleas, ticks or any type of contagious disease. After this complete check-up then it’s time to introduce the dogs to each other.

 Dogs make great pets because of their fantastic attitude toward life, always happy. However if your dog has too much energy there are a few things you can do to help calm him down.  Give your dog something to do to eliminate his energy. Even something as simple as going through his obedience exercises can help calm him down and sometimes actually has a way of wearing him out.  You can play games with your dog to work his muscles. Most dogs will always love a game of retrieve or even maybe a little Frisbee for some exercise. If your dog doesn’t like to do either of those you might try a good game of hide and seek.

Do you have a new puppy, or plan on getting one?   Socializing your dog is very important, and you must keep in mind that the period of socialization is from birth to 20 weeks old. During this period you must expose your dog to lots of new places, new people, little kids and other dogs so that you have a well-socialized dog that you can enjoy for the rest of its life. Let’s discuss some of those methods of socialization. Take Your Dog to New Places Take your puppy to three different places every week. Exposing your dog to different environments is very important.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a reputable rescue organization is an excellent way to get a dog, and in the process you’re saving a life. However there are a few things that you should be very aware of when adopting that new dog for your family. This article is going to touch base on some of the things that you should avoid, or at the very least, carefully watch out for… Aggression With People If the dog shows any type of aggression no matter what its age, pass on the dog!

Why Your Dog Needs a Bed

A dog can be reasonably comfortable sleeping nearly anywhere – on the furniture, in a corner, sprawled on your lap, etc. – so why is a dog bed necessary? The right bed will serve several purposes both for the dog and the dog owner, and it is an important part of canine pet supplies.

Soothing Your Teething Puppy

Just like human babies, puppies also feel pain and discomfort while their teeth are erupting. The easiest way to tell is if your puppy is chewing a lot. Whether it’s a toy or your finger, your puppy may be chewing a lot to relive the pain it feels from teething.

Dog Begging Prevention Tips

Dogs can be cute, heart-breaking and irresistible when they whine, paw, bark or otherwise beg for a treat during dinnertime, but begging behavior isn't desirable. By understanding what begging is and isn't, dog owners don't need to feel bad about taking steps to stop their dog from begging.

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Basic Obedience Group Training 8/1

8/1/17 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Do you have a puppy or new dog that needs some obedience training??? Alpha-Dog Pet Center, here in Amherst, Ohio will be holding a BASIC OBEDIENCE Group Class, here at our training facility (46370 Middle Ridge Rd. - Amherst, OH. 44001).
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