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For anyone who loves dogs canine body language is always interesting. If you’re new to dogs you can learn some important things from studying your dog’s body language. Here are some body language signals that will help you be more attuned to your dog. Most people first look to see if a dog is wagging his tail. This is often a good indicator of your dog’s mood — but not always. In fact, tail wagging has lots of different meanings besides happiness. Your dog can show lots of different moods with his tail, from happy wagging to holding it stiff and straight out from his body, ready to attack.

There’s nothing happier than a happy dog. Most people would agree that in order to be happy a dog needs to feel confident and independent. Yet it’s also true that there are many dogs who, for one reason or another, cling to their owners. They may be anxious or fearful at times. You can teach your dog to be independent but it does take some effort on your part. Here are some suggestions. First of all, some dogs are naturally more confident and independent that others from birth. In every litter there are puppies who are more outgoing and independent. Someone is always going to be the leader.

Maybe it’s because there are so many people living in apartments these days, but cats have now taken over the top spot as America’s number one pet. But there are also many people who have both cats and dogs. Just how do dogs and cats really get along?   Do dogs really hate cats? The truth is that dogs and cats can live together amicably, especially if they are introduced together at a young age. Even if they are brought together as adults there is still a good chance that your dog and your cat won’t shred each other if you introduce them to each other carefully.

Should you allow your dog on your furniture?   Actually, opinions differ. Many people consider their dogs as part of their family and, as such, they believe that their dog should be allowed on at least some of their furniture. But other people believe just as firmly that dogs should have their own places to lie and sleep which do not include the furniture. However, there are some things to consider about each position. Most people think that allowing their dog on the furniture, whether it’s a chair, sofa or bed, as being a decision about comfort. And it is about comfort, to a great degree.

Dogs are one of the most stoic of animals. This means that we often take for granted that everything is normal with them and they are fine. We may not realize that something is wrong or that they are in pain until there is a serious problem. You may find yourself wondering how you can tell if your dog is in pain?   It’s not always easy, but there are a few things you can look for. First and foremost, you should always observe your dog to see if he’s acting normal. Is he doing something that he hasn’t done before?   Does he just seem “off” in some way?

We often hear statistics cited that indicate dogs in the U. are seriously overweightS One of the reasons is due to the fact that most dogs don’t get enough exercise. But just how much exercise is enough.   How can you tell if your dog is getting enough exercise. Different dogs will have different exercise needs depending on their breed, their size, their age, their overall health and other factors? No one would think of exercising a Pug the same way they exercise a Golden Retriever? The two dogs are different in virtually every respect.

For anyone who’s ever known the joy and anticipation of waiting to bring a new puppy home, you know what it’s like when you finally bring your prize home. The first night your puppy is at home with you is loaded with excitement. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead so both you and your puppy can have the best first night together possible. Before you bring your puppy home make sure that you have all of the basic things that he’ll need to settle into your home. These things should include the same kind of food that he’s used to eating (you can make any changes to his diet slowly, later).

Who doesn’t enjoy a celebration?   Well, most of us do. And if you have a dog in your family there’s every chance that your dog would like to be included when you celebrate. Including your dog in celebrations can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to having a great time with your dog. 1. Decide whether or not the occasion is appropriate for your dog. Some celebrations are appropriate and some aren’t. For instance, if you’re having a backyard bar-be-cue, your dog will probably have a terrific time, up to a point. Make sure that he minds his manners when food is being served.

There are many names that you will hear trainers use when talking about the “place” command…  You may hear this referred to as “Place”, “Go-to-Bed”, “Park-It”, or a number of other names. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you decide among your family and everyone is using the same command! It can be very helpful to teach your dog to “go to bed” or to learn the “place” command. Many times a dog may hang around the door when you have visitors going in and out, or he may be under foot in the kitchen or when you’re doing something else.

You often hear the phrase a “big dog in a small dog’s body” and it refers to the personality of many small dogs. Lots of small dogs don’t seem to realize that they are small dogs. As far as they’re concerned they’re as big as the biggest Mastiff or tough dog on the block and they won’t back down from anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes they can take this attitude a little too far and start to run roughshod over the humans in their home, too. When this occurs, it’s often referred to as “Small Dog Syndrome,” though this is actually just a slang term for the behavior.

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