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Games to Play With Your Cat

Cats may seem independent and aloof, but they still need the attention and interaction of play. Fortunately, there are many fun, simple games cat owners can play with their feline friends. Benefits of Playing With Your Cat Playing with a cat is more than just a game.

Does Tug-of-War Teach Aggression?

Many people worry that if they play “tug-of-war” with their dog (or “tug”), they will be teaching their dog to be aggressive. They’re afraid that playing tug with their dog can lead to problems with dominance. Are they right to be worried?   Does tug-of-war teach aggression? Actually, many recent studies have shown that dogs who enjoy “rough house” type play with their owners were generally considered better socialized than dogs who didn’t. These dogs also had less separation anxiety. This included games of tug-of-war.

How To Train A Dog To Catch A Frisbee

What could possibly be more “cool” than a Frisbee dog?   Most dog lovers agree that watching a dog who can catch a Frisbee is great entertainment. Therefore, we may wonder just HOW to train a dog to catch a Frisbee.  Some dogs seem to be naturally good at playing Frisbee, but even if your dog isn’t, you can still teach your dog how to play. Here are some tips: First you should select a Frisbee.  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds! There are countless varieties of flying disks on the market, whether they are the Frisbee brand or another brand. Some are hard disks and others are soft.

How To Care For A Pregnant Dog

We get a lot of questions here at Alpha-Dog Pet Center, regarding special care and consideration for pregnant female dogs (technically referred to as “bitches”). Of course, we are strong advocates of spay/neutering, but we also work with many people who choose to leave their dogs intact and who breed them for various reasons. Whether you have planned for your dog’s pregnancy or your girl made her own plans, if your dog is pregnant she needs the very best care you can give her. She is carrying puppies now and that means that the care you provide will help determine their health.

What Is The Best Way To Stop A Dog Fight?

Dog fights are scary events. Whether you see a fight about to start between two Toy dogs are between two very large dogs, or some other variation, dog fights are tense and they can lead to serious injuries, both for the dogs involved and for you if you try to intervene. However, there is some information that can help you stop a dog fight and avoid getting hurt. First of all, if you see a dog fight or you see two dogs who seem like they are about to fight, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. The very worst thing you can do is lose your own cool.

What Shots Does My Puppy Need?

Like everything else concerning dogs, there is much discussion about the best way to vaccinate puppies. Even puppies that start receiving their vaccinations at a young age and have a couple of sets of shots can get deadly diseases like parvo. It’s very important to make sure that you talk to your vet to determine the appropriate series of vaccinations for your puppy. Here’s a look at the current thinking about what shots your puppy needs. Puppies receive some natural immunity to most diseases from their mothers as soon as they begin nursing.

Dogs are on the go these days! You often see dogs, including large dogs, riding in cars with people. But it’s not very safe to allow your dog to ride loose in your car. One solution is to use a car harness to keep your dog in a safe position in your vehicle. When you consider why a dog needs a car harness it’s not very hard to figure out. Just as people can be injured during accidents, dogs can also be tossed around, tossed through a window, or tossed out of the car and on to the road when an accident occurs. A car harness can keep them safer. There are, however different kinds of car harnesses.

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Basic Obedience Group Training 9/19

9/19/17 12:00am - 11:59pm
Do you have a puppy or new dog that needs some obedience training??? Alpha-Dog Pet Center, here in Amherst, Ohio will be holding a BASIC OBEDIENCE Group Class, here at our training facility (46370 Middle Ridge Rd. - Amherst, OH. 44001).
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